Build Differently. Live Better.

This project will serve as a demonstration that The District of West Vancouver’s ambitious climate change and emissions targets can not only be met but exceeded. We believe that through our conscious actions we can limit the negative consequences of our industry. Ultimately, the project strives to be an example of how buildings should respond to climate change, embodied and operational emissions, health & welfare, and establish a new model for private sector urban development locally, nationally, and internationally.

This project affords an opportunity to showcase Green building methods as the new luxury model. The proposal is for an 8 storey, mass timber, Passive House, net zero residential building. In addition to the main lobby level, each level is one home, creating suites that are accessible, barrier free, and have access to natural ventilation and daylight on all sides, while still presenting in an apartment building form. The approach is to push beyond a “west coast aesthetic” to something that is refined, sophisticated, and nuanced in its execution.




West Vancouver, BC