Tall Timber

With West 8th and Pine, (Canada’s Earth Tower) Delta enacts their radical shift in the philosophy of development moving toward a future filled with hope and possibility, setting an exemplary standard for holistic, naturally connected, sustainable, and environmentally sensitive buildings – both locally and around the globe.

As one of the largest mixed-use redevelopment sites along the vibrant Broadway Corridor, Delta’s world-leading, tall timber project, will demonstrate the development industry’s current capacity to address one of the most dangerous, long-term threats to the stability of the Earth’s climate. Wood is a sustainable building material that stores, rather than emits, carbon dioxide for the life of the structure. The environmental benefits of wood construction include reduced greenhouse gas emissions, reduced embodied energy, renewable resources, and direct occupant and builder health benefits. Tall timber is earthquake and fire-resistant. Tall timber means the building will sequester carbon rather than add to the atmospheric burden.

The project provides an opportunity to demonstrate how we can viably deliver positive contributions to our cities, communities, and environment – and move toward a regenerative paradigm in our buildings. It will be proof of possibility: where we can create high-quality home, work, and community spaces, ecologically resilient and sustainable developments, which are inherently health-oriented, and maintain a remarkable standard of design.

The project will be built to strict Passive House standards to significantly reduce its ecological footprint. Elevated health and environmental principles inform every aspect of this precedent-setting project, with the goal of effecting true change across the entire industry.




Vancouver, BC