Build Differently. Live Better.

Do Better. Expect More.

Set a new benchmark for environmental performance, health and well-being.

Reimagining What A Building Can Do—a New Pathway Forward

We are on a new pathway forward in the philosophy of development, where human wellness becomes a fundamental motivator. Our goal is to create with a lower carbon footprint, operate with a lower carbon footprint and optimize occupant health.

We seek to create solutions, not problems. We constantly strive for new ways to not reverse the negative environmental impact of development—but to build positive contributions for our surroundings and inhabitants. We believe in leading by example, proving the economic, technical, and social feasibility of responsible development.

We Hope to Inspire New Ways of Thinking, and Effect True Change.

In addition to establishing ambitious energy, carbon, waste, and water performance targets, we also aim to develop a holistic set of goals, recognizing the potential of our projects to:
  • Contribute positively to the livability, health and welfare of the building inhabitants
  • Increase the biodiversity on site through the vertical and horizontal integration of native landscapes
  • Be resilient to a changing climate and withstand major storm events
  • Be constructed of low carbon structural solutions, including mass timber
  • Exemplify best in class healthy material procurement
  • Offer a range of mobility options
  • Add to the culture of our community

Climate Change

We won’t stand by and allow ‘business as usual’ to persist. We need buildings that do not contribute to climate change, but act as a source of repair.

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2018 Special Report on Climate Change conveys some critical findings and reinforces that now, more than ever, it is imperative to design low emission buildings, or better still, zero emissions buildings in operation with net zero or better in embodied carbon.

The science is clear, the solutions are available and achievable, and we know where we have to go. Buildings represent close to 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and as such, we have a responsibility to prioritize performance in the buildings we design.


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Monte Paulsen Associate Passive House Specialist RDH Building Science

Monte shares his views on the pace of change towards zero emissions buildings and the need for it as driven by the climate crisis.